3 Ways a Flower Turns Her On

I bet men have done so much effort to boost and enhance their sex appeal. That includes buying expensive things such as cars and clothes just to look good and even giving lavish presents to make a good impression. But here’s a thing, is it possible to turn her on by just giving flowers?

Feelings women experience are nothing more than chemical reactions taking place inside the body. A lot of studies actually proved that our senses of smell and sight are linked to hormones that affect emotions.  This is true every time ladies smell and see something pleasant and beautiful like fresh and colorful flowers. So I guess the question has been answered.

And here’s how a simple gesture can turn her on without even saying a single word. 

Pointless but sweet

Flowers are a way to grab a woman's attention and make her continuously think of you whenever she glances at the bouquet or a single rose. She won’t care how much it cost; the point is that you made her feel special and women deserve to be treated so.

Most guys may think that flowers are just a waste of money since it will just die after a few days. But that’s just one of the reasons why she appreciates it even more. It's endearing because even though they won’t last, they'll bring so much happiness. The fact that you gave her something that will put a smile on her face will definitely give her the idea that she really is a special lady even though you think flowers are pointless. And that greatly affects how she will think and feel about you.

Flowers has the power to make ladies more amenable to romance

A study in France by Psychologist Nicolas Guéguen found out that women staying in a room full of flowers are more likely to accept an invitation to go out on a date. So I guess you already have an idea now if you’re planning to propose.

What is it about flowers then that can make men more attractive?

The study confirmed that flowers can turn on romance and acts as a facilitator in dating. It also turned out that it affects the women’s perception towards a man.

Flowers relive and create special memories

Isn’t it the sweetest thing to give her flowers on your first date and on any special occasions? That moment would surely dwell in her mind, how you gave it to her and even the words that you spoke on that very special day. There are actually scientific studies that can back that up. According to psychologist Nicolas Guéguen, flowers can revive all the memories of special dates and romantic gestures. And if you think your boring relationship needs some excitement you should probably give them one.

Here’s another fun fact about flowers. Ancient people used roses in their love potions. And it turned out that roses contain "phenylethylamine," the chemical produced by people in love. Even if you don’t have any idea about chemicals about flowers, they will always be undeniably stunning.  

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